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    The Easy Way to Sell Jewelry Online

    Everyone has a piece of jewelry that she no longer wants. A pair of expensive earrings that you’re just not into anymore. A bracelet you bought on a whim that you haven’t worn in three years. Or a gift from that guy... what was his name again?

    Whatever the case, I bet there’s a new, more fabulous piece of jewelry (or cash?) that would make you a whole lot happier.

    Selling your jewelry or designer handbags to MatterLA is fast and easy. Just do this...

    1. Take a few cell phone pictures of your jewelry, and send us an email with the basic information. Do you know the designer? Do you know the carat weight if there’s a precious stone in it? Maybe take a picture with a quarter in it so we can see how big it is. Send the email to

    2. We’ll send you a rough estimate of what we’d give you for the piece. If that sounds like it’s in the ballpark, let us know and we’ll mail you an envelope with a postage-paid (insured) box inside. Put the piece of jewelry in the box and send it to us.

    3. We’ll let you know within 24 hours of receiving it what our offer is. If you accept our offer, we’ll send you a check right away. Or, we’ll give you a store credit for 125% of our offer. Your choice. If you don’t like the offer, we’ll mail the piece back to you (insured, at our expense), no hard feelings.

    4. Go shopping for more discount designer jewelry.